Pokemon The
True Abridged

Maybe this time
we won't get banned!


Hello there, if you're here then you are officially an awesome person deserving of awe and respect. Below are some faqs and such.

New Episode?

If you are signed into our site. You can check out the "Episode Links" tab where you can get the links for the privatized new video on youtube. So only members get the link! We would like to repeat that membership is free and we will not be charging anything for signing up. This just exists so we can easily get some feedback.

So what is PTTAS?

PTTAS is short for Pokemon: The True Abridged Series. What's that? What is pokemon the true abridged series? Only the coolest thing on the planet... you know next to Chuck Norris and all the stuff. Basically, we cut down and dub over the original "Pokemon" franchise adding humor and pervert logic to it.

 This is done partially as a homage to the series that we all remember so fondly and partially to make fun of the huge plot-holes in it. Mostly, it's done for fun. It's a good relaxed time where we all can laugh and just forget about shit for a while.   

Why the website?

As cool as youtube is, it has a couple flaws. One in particular called copyright infringement. Now we battle back and forth getting videos banned and put back up. Our work is covered by the Fair Use Law, and so it doesn't deserve to be taken down, but the bots that the owners use can't tell that, so we get banned every other video or so.

 In comes our own website. We made this to have a good archive of all our videos at all times, whether or not they are on youtube. Plus it's a place for fans to hang out and just discuss shit.